These Last 10 Days Can Shove It

I am sorry that my updates are so sporadic, and frankly, not even all that interesting.   When I get home from work I’m just too darned tired to get on the computer and think of something fun, witty or quirky to say.  There are no tv shows to review, though I did recently start watching Burn Notice and Big Bang Theory, I am still reserving my judgment on both shows.  I’ve been listening to the Janet Evanovich audio books and I’m enjoying them too, but I can’t say I’m hooked.  Though I would like to eat some Pino’s pizza. 

We had an interesting week last week.  You probably heard about it on the news.  We started out with an earthquake and went out with a bang with hurricane Irene.  Good times.  The earthquake scared the living daylights out of me.  I’m on the 3rdfloor at work, but its 4 stories up and the building was swaying and I was genuinely afraid that a plane had crashed (since I work on a Naval Air Station this wouldn’t be a gigantic surprise) or a truck had run into the building.  The upshot is that I was pretty sure that I was going to be buried in a pile of rubble.  I wasn’t really scared for me so much as I was scared for our little girl.  I’m trying so hard to protect her and then I’m getting myself in earthquakes.  But luckily everything was fine and the worst injury I got was when I slipped off the sidewalk and twisted my ankle because the crowd was rushing me. 

Too Bad They Don't Have Maternity Shirts

The hurricane was uneventful.  Mircea and I hunkered down with the boys in the basement and played Clubhouse Games on our Nintendo DS.  It was really hot down there and since our back door is protected by our deck we had the door open so it was kind of loud but really sort of underwhelming.  However, the next several days were quite “whelming” as we didn’t have any power.  Our awesome neighbors hooked us up to their generator so we didn’t lose anything in our big freezer but my sanity was hanging by a thread since I couldn’t take a warm shower or have a fan blowing on my big pregnant self at night.  Let’s just say I’m not cut out to be Amish.  We were so lucky though; some trees fell in the woods, but nothing in our yard or near our house.  Some of the other neighbors weren’t so lucky.  But as we sat there playing card games every night after work we counted our blessings and on Wednesday evening when the power came back on we whooped for joy and bathed in warm water.  Ahhh.

A little ways up our street

The Ahhhh quickly wore off for me when I went to the Doctor on Wednesday.  I don’t have my official diagnosis yet, but at the very least I have a Urinary Tract Infection and at the worst a kidney infection (which is why I kept waking up with this weird back pain-it was my darned kidneys).  Both of these options are not fun, particularly since I have a 4+ lb baby resting her head oh-so-gently on my bladder.  Speaking of the baby, yeah, we’ve only got about 6-8 weeks before we meet that little lady.  I can’t wait.  And yes, I’m terrified of delivery.

So today I’m going to leave work a little early, take my giant bucket of cranberry juice up to my bed and watch the Lion King.  Hakuna Matata people, Hakuna Matata.    


It Means No Worries




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  1. Leslie
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 11:11:18

    So sorry to hear about the UTI/possible kidney infection! I’ve had quite a few UTIs and a couple of kidney infections, not fun. I treated the last one myself with just cranberry juice. Make sure you try to get one where the only, or at least first, ingredient is cranberry juice. I read that cranberry cocktail (read Ocean Spray) type juices are only 27% juice. If you get close to 100% (it’ll taste horrible, cut with some Sprite if you need to), drink 3 8oz glasses a day, you’ll be feeling fine in a day or two, but definitely keep it up for a week. There are also cranberry capsules but I’ve never tried those.


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