I Love This!

Every time I see this commercial I just want to squeal. I love the look that the mom and the adorable little girl share and then when “Lilli” jumps up to the jogging stroller. I just love this commercial so much-I’ll admit, I’ve rewound it on the DVR just so I could see the little head cock and “Hi” that “Lilli” does.
I can’t wait to meet my daughter and take her “jogging”. Ok I can’t wait to meet her and maybe take her on a slow walk with her fur brothers. I just really look forward to those years when my little girl is still young, sweet and innocent and still loves me.


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  1. Barb
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 21:59:45

    Hey Kate,
    I like this commercial, too!

    We use cloth diapers all the time at home, occasionally when we go out, but mostly disposables when we’re out and about. We use all pre-fold or tri-fold at home. We started out with Bambino Mio. I really love the Bambino Mio pre-folds (the cloth diaper inserts) but their covers are not my favorite. They were fine up until 5 or 6 months, but now that she’s bigger and moving around a lot more, they just don’t work as well. We have several of the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers, which I like very much. And we also have some BumGenius diapers. They are all-in-2 style, but we use them like the pre-fold style. Meaning, they have a pocket but we ignore it. Does that make sense? We like them, too. But after 6 months of constant use, the velcro is showing its age. The snap closure styles probably hold up better under constant use. But initially Robb had trouble closing snaps with his man-hands.

    Sometime when you are working from home, Mo and I should stop by to visit you, Benny, Blackie, and Yukon!

    Oh, and I keep meaning to ask if you had thought about doing sign language with your little one. If so, my friend Dawn is fluent in ASL and is going to teach a free signing-with-baby workshop on Sunday Sept 25th at 2pm. Let me know if you are interested. Maybe we could carpool. 🙂


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