Book Review: Room

I just finished the book Room, by Emma Donoghue about an hour ago.  My mind is still reeling over the story told from five year old Jack’s perspective.  Jack’s entire world is an 11×11 room with his Ma.  They sleep there, eat there, run “track” there and live what Jack considers a full existence within the cork covered walls.  He watches TV on an ancient set, where he learns about “The Outside”; a world of make believe where Dora and Barney and Animal Planet live.  The only negative thoughts he has are about Old Nick, the man who comes into Room at night and creaks Bed at night with Ma.  Old Nick abducted Ma when she was a 19 year old student and is held captive like the true stories of Elisabeth Fritzl and Jaycee Dugard.

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I’ll never tell anyone anything that isn’t on the dust jacket, so I will simply say that the book is incredibly moving and poignant.  It’s written so well and we truly understand Jack and his simplified perspective of the world around him.  His Ma is a complicated character as well, and we understand how fiercely she loves her child and how blessed she feels to have him with her in Room.

Room really was an amazing book and I was so engaged in the story that I read it over the course of just a few evenings.  It’s a fairly quick read, but it will make your head spin a bit, especially at the beginning as you learn to live in a world where there’s just one of a very limited number of things.  Duvet, Melty Spoon, Door, Skylight; these are the world according to Jack, and his is a beautiful, heartbreaking world.  But isn’t ours too?


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  1. Sarah
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 08:23:46

    I loved room, and recently read “Slammerkin,” written by the same author a few years ago. For the most part, I felt it was just ok, but I liked the ending.


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