America’s War on Snow-We’re Losing

Although last year was fairly snowy on the East Coast,  it does seem like we’re fighting a war on snow this year. Before parts of the country can recover from the last snow storm, they are being pelted by the white fluffy stuff and all hell breaks loose once again. I could take a serious route with this, discussing how ridiculous expensive snow preparation and removal is costing our already indebted states and cities, or how a bunch of naysayers are wonking about saying “Global warming my ass”. But this is all too serious for me at this point (and you would all be bored to tears) so I think I’ll go with a new title for this post: America’s War on Snow: We’re Winning!

We’re winning because so many of us are getting free, paid days off of work. Ok, it might be cold outside and we might have to shovel some snow, but damn, we’re earning that hot chocolate with more than a little splash of Bailey’s in it, aren’t we? We’re catching up on day time television too, which is clearly expanding our intelligence. I can’t buh-lieve that Steve Wilkos has his own show. And to think, I thought he was just a burly guy with no heart. And Lingo-have we discussed how freakin’ awesome this show is, mostly because so many of the people on it are so dumb? I’m pretty sure a lot of people are also winning this war on snow by being cooped up in their house with their loved ones. Let’s just say I’m betting on a baby boom in the late September/early October time frame. And no, not in the Ighian household.

Since I don’t want to drag this out too long I want to end with what I feel is the best part of all this snow. New snow-tastic vocabulary. We’ve created an entire language based on the levels of snow. Even though “thundersnow” has existed for a long time, words like “snowpocalypse” are relatively new. And awesome. Here are some of my favorites: Icetastrophe, snowmageddon, snowpocamageddon, snowurricane, snowcano, and the one I made up “snowtastic”. In fact, snow might just replace Smurf as the best prefix ever.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barb
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 13:35:45

    A favorite of mine from last year’s blizzard: SnOMG!


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