A Little Over Reaction (Kate-Style)

I have a bone to pick with Beloit College. While I appreciate the theory behind publishing their annual Mindset List, I find that they are forgetting the big picture here. Many of these items are only true if you’ve lived in a box only watching Channel One since birth (Hello, Anderson Cooper) and not allowed to attend public school, where you watched Channel One, so basically there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that these are true. Ok, maybe if you were the control group for a scientific experiment where you are only allowed to learn current events, but even then, it’s a bit sketchy.

Other than a few forwarded emails from Baby Boomers trying to prove that my generation is a group of morons, I have never seen the official list before and I’m almost appalled that it exists. It would probably be more interesting if I commented on specifics from the list (I might just do that at the end) but what I really want to comment on is that these two professors actually think this is true and are propagating this info around the world. (They know about it in New Zealand, I have proof). I chose to comment on my college graduating class as my experiences are most accurate for that year. What bothers me is that while there is a kernel of truth to many of these things, I guess I consider myself lucky that my parents didn’t raise me with blinders on and I was taught to learn from the past to avoid making mistakes in the future. Of course I know Reagan was shot (2), I don’t know the exact minute in my life that I learned it, but I sure as hell knew about it before I went to college. We may not remember seeing the Challenger explode (8), but Punky Brewster told us all about it and we probably even cried along with her. Never heard of Pong (15)? Are you kidding me? More like “played Atari for hours on end at Jessy’s house until her mom made us stop for being too loud” and “learned everything I know about driving from playing Lemans”. And if you haven’t heard of this stuff you could at least get a pretty good idea from watching Family Guy.

They also seem to think that our parents were made out money too. Since CDs were invented when we were a year old (19) it is ridiculous to think that we might know what a record player (12, 13, 14), tape player or 8-track (18) is. No, I didn’t have cable until we lived in Elkhart (23), yes, I had a black and white tv (22), we didn’t always have a remote (and b/c I was young and spry I had to change the dials)(25), and I remember when we finally got an answering machine and we thought we were soooo cool. I guess the reason this bothers me so much is that I feel like our parents aren’t being given enough credit here. Ok, so maybe I never pulled off a pull top tab on a soda (11) but two years ago I bought a Jumex juice in the Latino foods aisle and it had the same technology so I know what the heck it is. The moral of the story is called EDUCATION. To me it seems like these list creators just want to make fun of the technology that our generations have held onto, but they do it in mocking tone and it basically makes me think that they are the idiots. Am I way off here? I’m not actually mad about this, but I find it pretty ridiculous and shallow and way off base. This is pop culture and Americana and its upsetting to me that CNN had a link to this list. This is far from credible, but it won’t be the first time you hear me say that about CNN.

**and yes, I’m grasping at straws for blog topics. There aren’t even current events that I want to get all snarky on. Man I need to have a kid so I can at least dazzle you with adorable child pictures.


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