Reading Challenge Update: Breaking All the Rules

As it turns out, I had went a little overboard on the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge and I signed myself up to read 5 more books than necessary because I was simply too lazy to read the directions.  It’s time to remedy that over-achievement, and also make some changes to the books I selected.  Simply put, my tastes have changed and I don’t want to slog through things I’m not interested in.  So without further ado, here is my book list.  I’ve kept the original list and crossed off those I’ve finished; colored RED the ones I don’t want to read anymore, and Green are my new additions. 


Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Emily Bronte:  Wuthering Heights

Charles Dickens: Great Expectations

Henry David Thoreau:  Walden

Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace

DH Lawrence: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Children’s/Young Adults

L. Frank Baum: The Wizard of Oz

Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Kate D. Wiggin: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

 Modern Classics

F.S. Fitzgerald: Tender is the Night

Franz Kafka: Metamorphosis

M. Mitchell: Gone with the Wind

George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four

JD Salinger:  The Catcher in the Rye

John Steinbeck:  The Grapes of Wrath

Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five

F.S. Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Joseph Heller:  Catch-22

William Faulkner: The Sound and The Fury


Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential

Ann Collett: Swimming with Giants

William Gibson: The Miracle Worker

Jack Kerouac: On the Road

Michael Moore: Farenheit 9/11

J. Eugenides: The Virgin Suicides

Henry Farrell: What Happened to Baby Jane?

Frank McCourt: Angela’s Ashes

William Styron: Sophie’s Choice

Nick Hornby: High Fidelity

Erich Segal: Love Story

I sort of feel like I’m crapping out a little bit by changing up the books, but originallyI signed up for 5 extra, and frankly, some of the books I started, I found entirely too boring to finish.  I’m too old to read crap I don’t want, particularly because there isn’t a quiz at the end, so I’m reading what I want to.  As a side note, all of the books that have movies associated with them are movies that I  haven’t seen, so I’m not cheating.  I promise.  I’ve got a little over halfway to go on the list, but I’m almost done with Lady Chatterley’s Lover.  I think the main reason I feel so guilty is because I took War and Peace off of here.  It’s so long!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 00:48:57

    Changing books is entirely acceptable! Some of those books look like things that I think I probably should read at some point but they really, really don’t appeal. Doesn’t it make you wonder how some of them came to be so famous?!


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