Book Review: Girl in Translation

Sometimes randomly grabbing a book off a library shelf can be a big mistake-and sometimes you find a wonderful gem that engages you, holding on to a little piece of your soul. Girl in Translation was that gem for me, and I found myself so enthralled with the story and affected by the characters that I’d often ponder it at night in bed and yearn to get back in the car so I could listen as the tale unfolded.

Girl in Translation is the coming of age story of Kimberly Chang, who immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong with her mother and who realized that the only way to overcome the impoverished conditions she and her mother lived and worked in was to achieve academic success. The dichotomy of life between her home and academia was enthralling and despite peer pressure from her friends and the pressure to be a “good Chinese girl” Kimberly never lost sight of who she truly was and focused on climbing out of the situation her mother and her found themselves in at the hands of jealous family.

I don’t want to share too much about this book because there are several twists and turns that can best be experienced by not knowing too much about the book. I recommend the book on CD, it was fantastic and narrated by Grayce Wey who gave a strong voice to Kimberly and depicted the other vibrant characters very well. The book was very moving and it was light enough to be a beach read and heavy enough to stay with you long after you closed its pages.


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