When it Rains, it Pours (or should I say Poors?)

I think it’s high time I start playing the lottery. In addition to the roof at our old house, the new tires Mircea had to have on his car and the brakes that are also required (luckily he can do them himself), I thought we’d been spending plenty of money lately. Apparently, there is another plan-to spend more! Mircea came home today and informed me that the rental house needs a new furnace. Oh my stars! The renter has had some troubles with the heat and Mircea admitted he was scared that it might explode. Wow! So yet another expense has found its way into our lives. I know I have not been a perfect person, but Karma is really being a bitch lately. A wallet hungry bitch.

I ain’t saying Karma’s a gold digger…


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  1. dreaminitvegan
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 16:03:37

    Hey Kate I noticed your comment on Chocolate Covered Katie, it's one from a while ago and it mentions your trip to Romania. How was it? Are you Romanian? My dad is and he has lots of family there but has never met them because he has never been there. His brother went back years ago to visit. I would like to someday.


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