65 Days to Go!

Wow, I looked at the calendar today and realized that we’re super close to being Mr & Mrs! And it’s only 60 days until we leave for St Lucia so I’m basically going on an all water diet for the next two months. I’m only slightly kidding!

Most of the stuff is done for the event, just one final payment next week and lots of exercise to look better in my bathing suits! I think we’re both really excited about the vacation aspect of things as well as the wedding, but it will be nice to just relax. While our trip to Romania was super fun, it was really all about R&R , we traveled around the country a lot and took in a lot of sites. The honeymoon will be much more low key. And a lot warmer!

The invitations have arrived and I’m busily addressing them in my free time. The invitations are only for the reception and I want to qualify that if you don’t receive an invitation to the reception, it’s not because we don’t love you. In fact, it’s because we DO love you and don’t want you traveling all the way to Maryland simply to enjoy a pork BBQ and a couple of hours sharing us with other people. I’m selfish, but I want to spend quality time with those that are far away and hopefully you’ll just want to visit any other time…I’ll even make you BBQ if you want!


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