Notes on Wedding Planning

I am really enjoying planning this wedding, mostly because it is so easy…so far. I actually haven’t booked the wedding yet through Sandals as our travel agent told us we didn’t have to do it right away and frankly, with our upcoming trip to Romania I didn’t want to think about the actual wedding planning until we returned. The trip is booked for Sandals, but the actual event hasn’t been finalized, so that will be a future blog topic.

The reception planning has been fun. I’ve been getting some ideas for what can go with our theme (the beach!) and finding nice trinkets on the web for our guests. Mircea and I are such low maintenance people that the reception will be extremely low key and most likely fairly casual. I certainly don’t intend on wearing my wedding dress, but we’ll see if I’m feeling froggy that day. I’m just hoping the weather will be nice in late March (it was gorgeous this past year as we had Mircea’s mom Rodica’s birthday party outside) and we can enjoy time out on the deck of the community center and play some games outside. We just want our friends and family to have a good time and see how much fun we have together. I do feel bad as I really can’t expect out of town guests to visit for a reception when they won’t even get to witness the wedding. We’ll show wedding pictures and share some stories, but I’m not sure that my relatives will want to make the 10 hour trek for a few hours of fun and merriment. I’ll know they are there in spirit. I just hate asking people for things like “drop everything and travel this far to see me for an afternoon”.

So that’s that. We’re at the beginning of this, making some plans, trying to figure out what kind of food we’ll serve, and the cake. That will be a post in itself!


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  1. Lainie
    Sep 16, 2009 @ 20:19:15

    Got the save the date magnet today. You can count on us being there, I wouldn't miss it for the world!! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with my wittle Katie Weed!! Love you and miss you. When are going to come see my little man???


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