I’ve Broken My Blog!

I’ve been trying to look at some other templates, even though what I really need to do is send my ideas and pictures to Sean and see if he’ll work some magic for me. 🙂

I sort of like the idea of this “Hello Sailor” girl, namely because I work for the Navy, but I don’t “work it” for the Navy, you know? Plus, um, my gams don’t look like that at all.

What do you think of the “Being Kate” title? I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with a new title. I liked the “Lusbian” idea, but frankly, I’m afraid it might be an offensive play on the word “Lesbian” and the last thing I’d want to do is offend someone for their lifestyle.

The idea of the title I’m trying to come up with is something like “somewhere between single and married with children” but that doesn’t really say much. Or “at that phase in my life where not a whole hell of a lot is going on”. I originally had the title “Perpetual Sarcasm” and I like that, but then I think people will think I’m just snarky and I’m really not all that sassy, I’m sort of boring.

Ideas please! I’ll help you if you help me!


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