Movie Review and Rant

First of all, I’ll start with the rant. Get the pain out of the way to start with, plus I’ll reward you by giving you a movie review when it’s all over.

I can’t run. I mean, mechanically, it seems I am incapable of running. In my knee’s defense, I tried to go from 0-60 on running, and I am going to have to start over and try to jog at like 4 mph (which hardly seems like a jog, but the knee doesn’t seem to know that) After several weeks on the elliptical I tried to go right in at 6mph as a warm up and that didn’t work. So it’s my bad, but I’m still a little (lot) depressed about it. I feel like if I can’t run I’ll never get the weight off, as running has always worked for me. Ellipticals, diet, other exercise-they all help, but the running is key. Ok, rant over.

Movie review time: Mircea and I watched the movie Waitress and really enjoyed it. It’s one of those slightly artsy fartsy movies with a lot of “la la” music in it, but it was really enjoyable, although predictable. I’ve decided that my star rating should be nothing more than level of enjoyment, so on my LOE rating, it’s getting 3.5 stars. I don’t want to share secrets, but basically a woman is unhappy with her marriage and wants to escape her life, only to find out that in one night of drunken weakness with her husband she got pregnant, making all hopes of escape vanish. The story is basically how she deals with this and who she meets along the way. I definitely recommend it, and although I think you can get a guy to watch it, it might be one of those, home alone, relaxing with a glass of wine chick flick nights. So rent it. NOW!


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