I Don’t Even Know How to Title This Post

I’m experiencing a sense of dread as I type up this post. Dread because I know that I will be called the Crazy Cat Lady and laughing because I know I deserve it. A little background might hopefully let you all go easy on me.

Mircea and I were over at the old house on Veteran’s Day to do some demo to another room. We were working for about an hour or so and I was taking some stuff out to the truck when I saw this weird creature in the yard across the street. It was just yelling it’s little head off, so I got a closer look (those who know me well know I’m blind but refuse correction) and saw it was a cat. A little tiny cat who looked similar to the cat who had been snitching Yukon’s food a couple weeks prior. So I went inside and got some cat food that we still had there and went across the street to offer it. The cat was timid at first but then started eating so hungrily that I almost cried. Even Lily doesn’t eat like that! I gingerly picked the cat up and just felt all bones. This cat is literally vertebrae. So I walked the cat across the street and said to Mircea, “well, we’ve got to do something” so we put the cat in one of the cat carriers (that is still in the shed) and took it back to the house and got it warmed up away from the other cats. We took a quick look at it’s privates, saw it was a boy, so we named it (the original) Maverick, as our old house was on Maverick road and that’s where we found him. So I called the vet and they said I could bring the cat over. We sat at the vet together for about an hour b/c there was an animal emergency and I let Maverick out of the cage and we cuddled for awhile. The receptionist was like “oh let me see him” and then she looked at his privates and said “This is a girl silly, but it was hard to see”. We all had a good laugh that I didn’t know the difference between a girl and a boy and I sighed in relief that I still only had one baby boy. But what to name the cat? Hell, I didn’t even know if the cat had a disease or not, but I was thinking of names. Turns out, she checked out fine in the initial tests and I’m waiting to find out if she has worms, so I bundled her up and brought her skinny butt home. She really is sweet and she seems to be getting stronger with every day, so that is good. We named her Olive because it just suits her. I’m enjoying getting to know her and I’m glad to be able to help her get healthy. Here’s a picture of our little sweetie, that we’re still trying hard not to get attached to just in case something happens.


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