Horror Story #1

I am not a homeowner yet. We were on our way over to do the walk-through and our Realtor called and said “the dog is still here, and so are they”. We drive up and it’s all true. So then Pam (our realtor) calls Felecia (their realtor) and says they’ll be out in 15 minutes. When that time passes we call back, and she says another 15 minutes. Mind you, we’ve got 30 minutes before we’re due to close. So Felecia calls again and says “they’ve got everything out do the walk-through”. We go in. These are a few of the pictures I took.

Mind you, the whole time we’re there Pam is on the phone with Felecia and the homeowner (who apparently left so she could find a new place to stay…TODAY) telling them the condition, like 4 kids are in the house with the huge rottie trying to clean up a little bit but then ended up just sitting on their asses when they could hear us saying that we weren’t going to accept it. Their realtor was trying to convince us to go to closing and accept the house (like I said, the seller signed yesterday) and they’d have it cleaned out by tonight. Oh yeah, like we’re going to do that. Then Pam called our lawyer who says that if the seller doesn’t release us from closing on the house today that we are actually in default since she already signed. Felecia said that the seller would sign the paper, but it looks like we’ll close on Monday morning. I’m not surprised. I’ve always known this would go like this which is why I was so quiet the whole way through and then I went and jinxed myself by posting the picture last night. The house is in shambles. Shambles. Mircea took the entire weekend off work (several grand mind you) we got all the utilities switched over, and I have two days off next week. Our whole house is packed.

I need a pity party. I’ll update you as I know more but I had to document this as it is simply unbelievable. How’s that for robbing us of all of the joy of our first home together.
And yet part of me feels so much sympathy for them. They are basically getting kicked out of their house and didn’t even have a place lined up to live. But then I don’t feel bad because they always knew they couldn’t afford this place and got in over their heads. It was so bad, I can’t even describe. These are just a couple of the pictures I took on my phone. It was bad. Bad bad bad.

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