Movie Review: 88 Minutes


This movie, 88 Minutes, starting Al Pacino and a host of B list celebrities, was terrible. Laughable.

Ridiculous. Stupid. Do you even want to know anymore?

The premise of this movie is that this forensic psychologist’s testimony put a man in jail for a brutal rape/torture (yes, the movie opened with this and it was uncomfortable). Well, fast forward 9 years and it’s the day the man is to be executed and all of a sudden another murder with the same M.O. happens. Which of course raises doubt that this man was the real killer and he gets a stay of execution. Well Al Pacino gets a phone call and says “you have 88 minutes to live” and for the next roughly 100 minutes we watch what could best be described as this guy’s “worst day ever” and it’s laughable, ridiculous, and corny. We only finished the movie because we had to know what happened. Let’s just say it was dumb. Really really really dumb. OMG it was dumb. So the movie ends, and I turn on Monday Night Football and feel a little better. But still, it’s on the list of terrible movies like Wicker Man and Twisted. Blech!


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