Paint Colors

I’m trying to make some paint decisions and it is literally killing me (no, I did not mean figuratively) as I consider all the options. I have to paint every inch of the new house (in an underwhelming announcement we close next Friday-but it can still fall through, no jinxing, I am not partying until keys in hand…and the party will be awhile b/c i have a lot of work to do) and I just don’t know scheme I want for the place. I know I want neutral tones for the living room and general “all house” color. So I think I’ve finally determined the living room color (sort of a latte-it’s called “Wicker”. Whatever, this is all unimportant. I need you, kind reader, to help me make a decision. I am totally married to having a green bedroom. Sort of a dill but it’s called pine needle. Married to this. Except I found a beautiful blue color that I like and then I love the idea of having a slightly less blue bathroom to complement it because that would be nice and peaceful for the tub. Light green doesn’t seem as soothing. Help help help. What do you think? I can’t have the green bedroom with the blue bathroom, that just seems wrong. And the bedroom is the second room I have to paint as that and the living room are pretty much the only rooms that will have furniture in them because the house is such an upgrade in size. Oy.

I’ve got one picture I can share, and it’s a horrible tease because it’s the only picture I’ve taken of the house and it was just so I would remember what color the kitchen counter is. And although it looks gray and you’d think the Wicker theme wouldn’t work, it has beige flecks in it to stay neutral. And yes, it’s only the counter, but I’ll post pictures (before and after) once we move in…oh how I’m counting the days. It’s 10 more days…

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