Check Out This Little Gem

I was talking to Marc today and he asked if I had seen the website called Cake Wrecks. I hadn’t, but I spent a little time this afternoon laughing my butt off at some of these cakes. Hilarious!!

Here’s one that I ran across, not the funniest one, but it had Eagles on it, so it was a shoutout to my sweetie. I’ve also included the commentary.

You know your mom is cheap when…you have to share your own birthday cake. With a boy. (Yeah, I’m taking Ashley’s side. Why? Because a) she likes Disney stuff, b) she’s enduring what I’m assuming must be a sports logo on her birthday cake, and c) she’s a girl. But mostly the Disney thing.)I like the unintentional irony of having Eeyore on the cake, though. A glum donkey for a glum-ass cake – it’s quite appropriate. Still, I have a few questions:

1) Since the “Eagles” logo is blue, why is the icing green?

2) Can anyone see the colors green & purple together and NOT think of either Mardi Gras or the Joker?

3) How come Glen gets his name capitalized, but not Ashley?

4) Did anyone else first read this as “Happy ashley Birthday Glen”?

5) Doesn’t Glen’s side look bigger? Hey, I think it IS bigger. Mo-oooommm!!!


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