My First Curry

Last night I decided to go on a journey to India. So I put on my jammies, went into the kitchen, and pulled out my Penzey’s Sweet Curry and looked around my kitchen for what I could flavor. There were really only three things I had at the ready, but my meal turned out awesome. All I did was chop up 4-5 shallots, 4 red potatoes, and a package of Trader Joe’s extra firm tofu. I got a big ol’ skillet and heated up a tiny bit of coconut oil and pan fried the whole lot of it (after sprinkling some curry power on). It took FOREVER because it’s kind of hard to pan fry raw potatoes. It turned out awesome though and I just added a little salt when it was done. I didn’t take a picture because I was so hungry yesterday, but I’ll take a picture next time I do it. Any suggestions for the potatoes? Do I have to boil them first or just cut them really small?


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