I’m a Little Freaked Out

I am going to have knee surgery. I haven’t scheduled it yet because 1.) I’m terrified and 2.) They call me to schedule it and I just had my appointment today. 3.) See 1.

I went to see an orthopedist today who said that the problem with my knee isn’t all the jazz that can be fixed by PT (which hasn’t been working) and that I was born with my knee being out of joint. He said a fair amount of people have this problem, but if they don’t run or exercise they won’t know it. I hope he’s not just trying to snip me, but he seemed to be sure it would be easy, outpatient and should help me resume my normal activities. But I’m still terrified. And I will be awake, and I’m even allowed to watch, which I most likely will not be doing as I will definitely be vomiting on myself. I can’t watch anything that resembles a surgery or opening up of a body, or…oh, I can’t talk about it. Seriously, had to put the computer down and put my head between my knees for a second.

I’ll probably schedule the surgery for mid November, which shouldn’t interfere with some other stuff going on in my life. I need to be able to climb stairs because I will not always live in a 1 story house. (Or will I?-see not jinxing)

Ok, enough of that. On a side note I pretty much followed the receptionist all the way from her house to the orthopedist. She lives a street over from me I guess and I just noticed b/c she drove a Prius, but I was on her ass and kept making all the turns she made, and then we walked in together. I asked her how many MPGs she gets…her answer: 40. What is the point? I get at least 50, at 40 y0u could have just driven a Civic. People, you’ve got to learn the techniques. She should be ashamed.


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