Too Much Drama Today

Today our little town had some “big city issues”. You can read a little blurb here. Basically, a woman who worked at a local bank was kidnapped from her house at gunpoint (with her two small children) forced to drive two armed men to the bank where she worked and told to rob the bank. She did as requested, and the gunmen dropped her and her family off in a parking lot, and then ditched her car a few miles away where they got into another car and haven’t been found. The victims are fine, called the police and an all-out manhunt began. Actually it began earlier than her release, as the bank teller who assisted her at the bank (they were coworkers) called the police as well. So ALLLLLLLLLL the roads in St. Mary’s county were blocked off, stopping anyone from going out. They had helicopters everywhere, and they kept coming back to base to refuel and it was very creepy. The problem for me? Well, I had my allergy appointment today, over the bridge in Calvert county (where I live). Well, the news reported that they’d closed the bridge. So I left waaay early and got to pass all this drama as it was still happening. I had to go through several “armed” check points but since I was in a white prius and not a black nissan it was a little easier to get through. I get to the bridge and it’s open…but there was a 4 car pile-up on it, so it was still slow, but nothing like the detour I might have had to take. It was very dramatic, they haven’t caught the suspects, but the victims are fine, though shaken up. The area is really getting a little scary lately, especially in a “triangle” of crime, from area roads.

As for the allergy test-I don’t have the full list of everything I’m allergic to because they are mailing it, but out of the 31 allergens they tested for, I was allergic to 28 of them. Cats, dogs, molds, all plants, dust, all the good ones. I am now drugged up to help with the allergies and related asthma, so we’ll see how it goes. I may be getting allergy shots, but we aren’t planning that for a few months because I have a lot on my plate right now and we want to see how the meds work. So sorry Lily, you can’t sleep with me anymore. And by sleep I mean, kick and scratch me all night, pushing me into Daddy who yells at ME for being a bedhog when it’s really your rolley poley body. But I’ll let you in when Daddy works late, don’t worry!


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