The Updates-Not So Good

I haven’t updated in a long time. One, because having three blogs is ridiculous for me, and two, because my knee pain has crossed the line from annoying to dehabilitating. I got an MRI done and bascially have “runner’s knee”. I went to the physical therapist and after a bit of work, realized that I also have IB band issues. As I am trying to save money for the stupid house right now, I have to wait for a little bit before I go to the orthopedist. I have so many issues with my allergies right now that this is my last priority. So I will probably just get rid of this site, but thought I’d formally say goodbye.

I miss you so much running. I really really do. And every month when I get my Runner’s World, I just get more upset. Our love affair wasn’t long enough, and I took you for granted when I had you.


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