The One Hundred Pushups Challenge

I was reading Stephany’s blog and she mentioned the onehundredpushups challenge. I’m all in for this! After following the link from her blog I read all about it, printed it out, and then took the pre-test the next morning. Boy are pushups hard! I do the modified knee pushup too because I’m a big baby, but if I can build up the strength I’d certainly prefer doing standard pushups. Mircea was teasing me while I did them in front of the tv last night but I didn’t see him getting off his rump, so I feel pretty darned good about it. It’s a 6 week program and since my boot camp class was cancelled for the summer I needed something to help me continue to firm up. I still haven’t received my MRI results so my running is nill and my cardio low impact. I started doing the WiiFit a little bit more too, but I still don’t think it’s going to do anything to my waistline.
Any one else want to join the pushup challenge?

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