My First Harvest

About a week ago I came home to finally see a ripe tomato on the vine. I’ve been waiting forever. It was so cute, so perfect, and just so delicious. They are kind of going crazy now, and we’re enjoying a lot of tomatoes, but I think because they don’t get as much sun as they should that they’ll take a little longer to ripen and I guess that is ok. Mircea eats so many tomatoes that we may never have the bounty I want in order to make salsas and sauce, but they are good. I’ve really fallen in love with tomatoes since I had this little guy. I have been having sandwiches with tofu, bacon bits (they’re vegan!) and tomatoes. So yummy. I actually have a very strange tomato-phobia. I don’t like to eat tomatoes that I don’t have control over. I can purchase them, wash them and cut them, but I can’t eat them if someone else did. I had to watch my dad cut them when I was a kid, but I still wouldn’t really eat them. I’m just now able to eat cut tomatoes in Mexican food. For some reason though, I never had a problem with salsa. But I didn’t eat ketchup at all until like 3 months ago. I’ll get my own straight jacket thank you. It’s in the closet behind the Colts serape.


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