A Question to the Vegans…

Ok, so how strict are you? I’ve found that people keep making me food that they say is vegan, and then I find out that there was egg white in it. I don’t induce vomiting, and sometimes I still continue eating b/c I figure the damage is done. I feel kind of bad about it, but at this point it has been all egg that has been involved b/c people can’t seem to understand that egg is not vegan. I was also recently told in a restaurant that they don’t have any vegetarian items other than the grilled chicken sandwich, so I do live in strange place, but I just wondered what your opinions were on this.

One other question. My friend Lindsay and I are going on a cruise in January (hooray!). I’ve called the cruiseline and they have promised that there is vegetarian eating, but not vegan eating. I am thinking that I am going to be vegetarian for the cruise and a few weeks prior (to get my tummy ready) but I still really don’t want to. I don’t want cheese. I don’t want butter. I don’t want milk, eggs, etc., but I don’t want to starve on the cruise. Does this make me a hippocrite?

I’m not sure why I’m asking people because really, I am making my own decisions, but I just feel so badly about this and unsure of what the right thing is. I’ve got that devil/angel thing on my shoulder.



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