Much Needed Update

I haven’t been writing much b/c I’ve been trying to decide what exactly to do with the blog. Frankly, the title is all wrong, because I have been a vegan for way longer than 30 days, and I’m sick of having several blogs for the different areas of my life. I’m trying to come up with a blog that would just be everything, with less of my daily ranting and more posts with some substance, but I’ve gotten into such a roll with the ranting that I can’t seem to get through that.

I have found a ton of great vegan recipes and I’ll take more pictures this week. The problem is, other than one original recipe, I’m stealing from other people. Of course I will give them credit when I post the recipe and the pictures, but I want to have some of my own innovations and ideas. I’m just learning the different flavors with all the vegetables (I must have lived under a rock) so I am sure that I’ll experiment more and get working on my own recipes soon.

Be sure to visit my regular ranting blog.


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