It is Always Something

On Thursday I got a root canal. I love my endontist and don’t have a lot of trouble with the root canal…usually. I’m not sure if this is because I already had a crown on the tooth and he had to drill through it, or that this just went poorly, but I was in pain. (BTW, I did want a root canal on that tooth before I got the crown last year but my dentist said it wasn’t necessary.) I don’t do well with Vicodin, but had to take that, and I was not happy at all. Not happy. I finally get all the pain and sickness (from the painkiller) out of my system yesterday. And this morning, around 9 am, what happened? I’ll tell you. My flipping tooth cracked clean off-thank God I had the root canal. I figured it would be weaker with a hole in it, but how good would it be once they filled the cavity? I wouldn’t think it would last as long. I am going to the dentist this afternoon but I’m irritated. I’ll probably have to get another crown ($700) and I just paid last week for a crown ($700) (another tooth that probably needs a root canal b/c I’m not going through this again $600) and a root canal on Thursday ($600). YOU DO THE MATH! Dear Lord, I don’t have any money left. None. I’m out. Plumb out. What really sucks is that I got the “good dental” this year. It pays 50% and has a $2k max. The $2k max part is nice, but the 50% does nothing. Oh yeah, and I pay like $150 per month for that, so it’s really not worth a hill of beans. Ok, I’m done bitching. For right this second. I am just so flipping cheesed at myself for eating on it, even though the endotist said it would be no big deal. Argh!


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