File Under: I Think It Is Both of Our Faults

This morning I received a phone call from the guy that rents a room in my cottage. I actually have my phone near my bed now b/c I use it as my 5 a.m. gym alarm, so he got lucky in that respect. First I opened the phone and said “I don’t want to go the gym yet” and hung up, and then he called back and he said “how close are you to the cottage?” Apparently, when he left the house on Monday he didn’t lock the door. I went over there on Tuesday afternoon, put my key in the door (assuming it was locked) did my thing, and locked the door on my way out. He got home late from travel last night, and while he was wanting to get into his warm bed, instead he had to drive to WaWa to meet me halfway so I could give him my key. It was pretty comical but it did actually interrupt my gym time this morning (today was a bonus day-so I’d already met my weekly goal) because I didn’t fall asleep again until almost 3 and I needed more than 5 hours of sleep to run. Just thought that was great.

In another note, I ordered my new camera yesterday. I’d like to post a link to it, but Blogger has decided that it no longer wants me to be able to post links, pictures, or anything of value. Nor will it let me remove the survey I put up there. NICE BLOGGER!

Ooh oh oh, Lindsay and I booked our “Honeymoon Cruise” last night as well. We’re going on a seven night cruise (which is why I think it is a honeymoon cruise b/c I think it is the same one Marc and I had booked when we were getting married…but God knows anymore) to Belize, Grand Cayman, Hondorus, and I think Cozumel in January. We’re both so excited and it will be nice to have a girl’s vacation. Hooray for vacations!


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