Completely Frustrated

I have finally made the decision to part with a lot of the knick knacks that my mom had collected over the years. It took me 7 years to make that decision and about 2 weeks of selling to realize that it was a poor decision. First item I posted didn’t sell. Then I posted another item, well below it’s worth. I shipped it to the guy and he emailed me to tell me that he thought it had been broken and glued back together (although very well, he told me the trick for checking) and now he’s sending it back. I don’t care about losing the $17, no biggie, I feel bad that I sent him a product that I thought was in mint condition but actually sucked. I am just frustrated because 1.) I know my mom collected them thinking there would be some investment in them-there isn’t, 2.) I can’t even sell them for nothing (seriously, I listed them so cheaply children could purchase them with their lunch money), 3.) I have to check ebay constantly b/c I’m always getting questions, etc. on my posts. So unless any of you care to collect some Precious Moments figurines from 1981 (i can’t guarantee they are in mint condition, but now i can tell you how to know if they are broken) I am going to donate them to the local charity, where they will hopefully get some money for that charity. I have a beautiful set of tea cups that I’d been holding onto as well, and I can’t get a bid on them (though about 20 watchers, but my price is so cheap I can’t go any lower, it’s not worth the packaging price). Any thoughts? Although I love to help out charities, I hate to see that the stuff my mom had invested in for me, isn’t worth a thing and now my memory is tarnished by all this crap I’m going through. I’m sorry I’m sort of whining, I’m just really frustrated, I didn’t want to part with them but holding on to things doesn’t bring people back, and I hate that this was my responsibility and not my dad’s, who made me pick them up from his house when he got married because he didn’t have room for stuff from his old life. Argh!


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