400 Rants, Raves, Blathers, etc

This is my 400th post. There has been a lot of crap between post number 1 and now, but I think we’ve seen some pretty interesting things. In the time it took me to write 400 posts I have started running, stopped running, and then started again, started graduate school, graduated graduate school, gotten engaged, called off a wedding, , moved out, moved in, moved out, moved in with someone, cried a million tears, smiled a billion smiles, made friends, lost friends, lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, ate meat, went vegan, and spent a total of a year living away from my precious kitties. So it’s been something else. A bit of an adventure, a wild ride, if you will. And it’s far from over-though I may not always blog about it.

Today’s blog isn’t of any great value. I’d planned to blog about Jesus Christ Superstar, but I think that post will come up as a homage in a few days. LOVE IT!

I can review the Flat Earth Peach Mango Paradise Fruit Crisps. They are very good, and contain a 1/2 serving of fruit for every ounce. I thought they were super tasty, but they were a little higher in fat than I’d prefer and I guess it would better to eat a peach or a mango. The other thing that makes me mad is this “flat earth” is actually a division of Frito Lay, and their jumping in on the “small companies are better, buy natural” mentality that has taken over the U.S. (though the rest of the world always did it) by tricking us into believing that they are a grass roots healthy company and they don’t have Chester the Cheetah doing Cheeto lines in the back room (get the Family Guy reference?). Whatever. They are tasty, and the Peach Mango and Apple Cinnamon (I think) are vegan, and the rest of them contain milk, so their out for me. But probably quite delicious. They have the crispiness of a Baked Lay, which is quite wonderful as well.

I am currently selling all my Precious Moments on eBay. My goodness has this been an undertaking. I am currently waiting for a response, because my first buyer offered to buy my entire collection and that would make me so happy because I wouldn’t have to worry about this crap anymore. We’ll see what happens.

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