I Heart Tofu

I’ve been experimenting with tofu. I’m sort of a mad-scientist in the kitchen with this stuff and I have yet to perfect it. I’m the best sushi rice cooker in the whole world, but tofu still vexes me. “Freeze it, then cook it” my friends say, and when I do that it is all wet and spongy. “Just bake it” they say, and then I burned it and it tasted wrong. Just plain wrong. So I don’t know what to do. I got recipes off the internet, followed them to the letter, and mine tastes nothing like they claim their’s tastes like. Either I’m a bad cook (which we know isn’t likely) or they are a bunch of liars and their tofu is a spongy mess like mind. Ok, so I’m not a great cook.

I am probably having sushi tonight, but I’m not enjoying it like I used to. The guilt factor is so high that I know I’ll be weaning myself off of it. I am still going strong elsewhere, but I am not eating as healthfully as I was before, so I sort of need to recommit to the Skinny Bitch. I’m not being a total crazy person, but I had a couple of Atomic Fireballs (sugar) and I had a sip of some soda (when I thought I might dehydrate in the car) and that is just unacceptable.

Best sandwich ever (other than the delicious Lone Star from Jimbos). Smart bacon, avacado and veganaise. Yum yum yum!!!


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