Wii Would Like to Exercise

Wii wouldn't mind living there

I did it. I read about the Wii Fit and I pre-ordered it. I hope it is as good as it seems like it could be, and that it will help keep me more active at home. As several people can attest, I’m not very good with following directions, and have some sort of dylexia ONLY when doing workout videos (and dialing a phone after I’ve recently used a calculator, but that is different) so this might be a challenge. But we’ll see, maybe it will be fun and it will give me an excuse to play the Wii because I NEVER play it anymore. Not even for the Hero. The Guitar Hero that is.

Wii is also looking into Pole Dancing. That’s wholesome. “Wii would like to slut?” I’m just being mean, pole dancing can be a good workout-for a skank. I’m kidding again, I just can’t stop myself. I have the Carmen Electra strip tease workout video set, but the striptease ones made me feel ridiculous so one of my friends has them now. I won’t shout out to her though…or will I?

I just looked on Amazon.com and now they are sold out of Wii fit. It’s like the Army 10-miler all over again-I’m at the right place at the right time. Woo hoo. Except that I just ate some Skittles before realizing they aren’t vegan. It’s been an accidental omnivore day here in Lusby. Oops!

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