All of This Before 8 a.m.

This morning has been a comical one to me. I just have to share the two things that really got me laughing this morning.

Qantas Airlines: I was watching CNN Headline News (with my true love Robin Meade) this morning and the Quantas commercial came on. It was all nice and flowery and talked about their “83 years of continuous flight” (which got me asking a few questions in my head) and their exceptional service. The best part? There was lovely, soothing music in the background…and it was “Down Under” from Men at Work. HA!!!! In a side note, Colin Hay of M@W (I made up that acronym-I work for the Gov’t, we do it all the time) performed a great song on Scrubs called Overkill. File that under the “still rockin'” tab in your awesome book.

Fox 5 Morning News: I was watching Fox 5 this morning (because every 30 minutes on CNN Headline News this stupid Comcast Newsmakers with Tony Hill interrupts the program and I Shame on You, Potty Mouthmust change the station because that is such a stupid show) and one of the entertainment anchors was out at a horse race track talking about something stupid, I don’t know. Etiquette at the track or something. The guy back at the newsroom says “Aren’t you going to wear your floppy hat?” (a la Pretty Woman) and she replies, and I quote, “I am not going to shoot my wad this early in the day. I’ll wear the hat later.” WHAT?!?!?!?! When did “shoot my wad” become anything other than a men’s locker room explanation of premature ejaculation, and when did it become appropriate to say on television (on anything other than my beloved South Park)? What has this world come to? I did write a letter to Fox5 expressing my state of shock over this comment. I don’t really find it offensive…I find it very odd that this lady would say something like that at all. Certainly not a woman saying that, and certainly not to describe “prematurely wearing a hat”. Yikes!


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