This and That

Check out your blog’s “readability“. I have no idea how they determine this, but I thought it was kind of fun. This blog is at a high school grade level, my vegan blog is at a junior high level…good gravy!!

I seem to be recovering from my crazy allergy issues. I already take Claritin but I was DYING the past few days, and now I have Nasonex as well and I love it!! The fact that I can breathe out of my nose is amazing.

It now costs about $45 to fill up a Prius. That’s insane. I still haven’t paid more than $28 for gas, but this last time I didn’t wait until I was empty to fill up and I’m glad I didn’t because it jumped up 10 cents a gallon yesterday at Wawa, and for once I was on the cheaper side!

I love eating vegan. Tomorrow is Day 30. There is nothing I want to splurge on, so I guess I’m going to keep going on this. I ate some seared ahi tuna today though…it’s technically not sushi and I feel bad, but it was that or nothing, and I was stuck in the meeting so I had to go for it. It was mostly raw fish-that’s vegan according to me!!!

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