Card Carrying Member

I just donated to Peta and became a Peta member. Now I think that they can go a little overboard on somethings, but I have to say if shock value gets people to act, well then so be it. It’s still a little nutty though, but I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is.

I did eat some raw tuna steak today and felt weird about it. I feel guilty for eating the sushi, and I don’t know why it is bugging me so much. I guess it is because I know I’m not being a “good little vegan” but I think that it is good to have a little more protein in the diet and the sushi fish is supplementing that. Or at least that is how I am justifying it.

I wonder if vegans think I am a hypocrite?

Tomorrow is my last official day. And I’m sooooo going to keep up with it b/c I couldn’t be happier.


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