Day 14: Livin’ on a Prayer

I’m halfway through my 30 day trial. I have not had any meat cravings, nor have I had any dairy cravings…with one exception. I just want a piece of pizza with cheese on it. Dear Lord I want a piece of pizza. I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s all I ever think about and I’m going crazy. I’m not a big pizza girl anyway, but I want a flippin’ slice of pizza!!! On day 31 I will be enjoying a slice of homemade pizza and I don’t care who knows it!!

I went to a party yesterday and had no problem with the cravings. There wasn’t anything there that I could eat, but I’d planned ahead and had a snack before I went. Probably a good thing to do if you aren’t a vegan b/c it cuts down on your intake. They had the little sandwich pinwheels that I love, but I didn’t eat any and felt better for it. I usually feel so guilty for pigging out on the stuff, so this was way better.

I made sweet potato fries on Friday night. They were pretty good, and guilt free, so that made them taste even better. My boyfriend and I have discovered an addition to Veggie Booty, and we managed to eat two bags over the course of the weekend. I ate a lot of strawberries and grapes this weekend, and they were super tasty.

So yeah, this isn’t so bad. I need to be cooking a little more, but I’m busy with school right now (last week!) so that takes up a lot of my time. I’m down a total of 7 lbs now too, which is pretty nice for a gal who is still eating like a little hoglet.


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