He Probably Wouldn’t Be Interested in Me Anyway…

I never watched Design Star on HGTV. But once I saw the first season’s winner, David Bromstad, and his gorgeous muscles, I said to myself “oooh boy, I want to watch that man work” (while I sit on the couch munching bon-bons). I’m currently watching his something color show, I don’t even know. He has his shirt off right now and I can barely type what I want to. He’s hot and sweaty, has tatoos, and looks FANTASTIC in jeans. The only “negative” is that he is gay, but I’ll say this…it’s not really a problem because he can still be a fantasy because it isn’t going to happen anyway. I just like that body. Woohoo! Ok, now I feel a little silly, but you tell me that you don’t agree. TELL ME!!!

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