Day 6: Food Reviews

I have had some interesting food in my mouth the past few days. The following are the reviews:

  • R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Mega Green juice: This 100% juice mixture of all kinds of goodies was pretty delicious. It has a lot of fruits and veggies in it and no added sugar, so it was pretty darned delicious.
  • Light Life Smart Bacon: This is a meat free bacon subtitute. It isn’t all that smart. Or tasty. The more of it I ate the more I enjoyed it. It was nice and salty tasting, but I could also tell that it wasn’t any form of meat whatsoever. It tasted very “grainy”. I actually would recommend it if a vegetarian or vegan really wants to have that smoky bacon flavor. But if you’re doing it just to cut out fat and calories in your bacon-eat the damn bacon!
  • Frey Vineyards Menocino Sauvignon Blanc organic wine: Oh, it’s medicino. This wine doesn’t contain any sulfites (those nasty inorganic preservatives that make the wine taste good). It’s disgusting. DISGUSTING. It sort of tasted like olives…and nasty. I had two sips and thought I would die. Mircea had a sip and I thought he was going to spit it out (and he has Romanian tastebuds). GRRRRR-OSSS. So despite the fact that the Skinny Bitches suggest that one doesn’t drink any alcohol other than wine that is sans sulfites they can shove it! That was gross. Part of me is like “well, I should just give up all alcohol b/c it isn’t healthy” but the I also wonder if following a strict diet like this really does make life suck a little.
  • Sushi: I made it myself with brown rice and I avoided eating the fish, though I wanted it so badly. I made mine with brown rice, a little bit of tofu, avacado, and a heck of a lot of wasabi (to make the tofu taste like something.) They were pretty tasty, though the salmon looked unbelievable. I figured eating it the first weekend wasn’t following the rules very well.

It been almost a week and I think I know how this might end. I’m totally willing to give up the dairy. Gone, gone, gone! I will eat my sushi with brown rice, but I’ll eat it with fish. I don’t think I’ll eat a lot of meat either…if any. It’s weird. I love this, but I don’t love eating all the fake products. The taste of meat is good.


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