It’s Her Own Damn Fault!

I read this article this morning on CNN about the family of the woman who died in police custody while trying to escape from her handcuffs when she was placed in a holding cell. The family is suing for $8M in wrongful death and negligence saying that the police didn’t understand that this person was intoxicated and mentally ill (she was going to AZ to go to an alcohol rehab center.) There is indication that her family hid that from people and that airline officials were not warned that she was inebriated and disturbed. So when she acted out after missing a flight she was dealt with, and with her crazy behavior was placed in a holding cell, where SHE tried to get out of handcuffs and killed herself in the process. Whom is at fault here? The police that left her alone in a holding cell? Isn’t that what a holding cell is? If they were going to stand there with her, why even put her in a cell?

This is just another reason that I find our society to be insane. We can sue for anything. You can sue someone if you are breaking into their house and hurt yourself. And judges and juries every day compensate these people-is it because deep down we all have greed and all think that we deserve to be “better off” then we are?


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