Day One: Halfway Point

It’s midday on Day One of Thirty. The day began with a cup of disgusting, unsweetened tea. I’ve had other tea with no sweetener, but this variety was gross. But I drank it. I need the water and I also need to build up the tolerance to disgusting food, because I have a month of nothing but. Actually, breakfast was lovely. I had half a cantaloupe (not the recalled kind) with my nast-tea and it was so sweet and delicious. Lunch was interesting. I hadn’t had time to shop for a lot of good vegan lunch staples, so I brought a can of kidney beans that I’d seasoned with some chipotle pepper. It was surprisingly good, and I was thinking that I could make some changes and turn a can of beans into a gourmet meal with little work. The celery sticks are gross. I like celery, but I think I only like the inside, tender parts. The outside stalks taste almost as good as that tea. I also have a banana for my late afternoon snack, and tonight after work I’m going to the Good Earth store in Leonardtown to pick up some overpriced organic and vegan items. The Food Lion near my house also has a decent selection and I’ll pick up some other stuff there. I bought a juicer this weekend and I’m going to attempt to make some veggie juice with the parts of the celery I didn’t eat (I’m sure that won’t be terrible!) I’ve also decided that with all of this fruit rind and pit waste; I’ll finally start the compost pile I’ve been talking about doing. I really need compost for my garden, so maybe this will eliminate two problems. Maybe.

A nice side effect from all this natural food is the fact that I’m losing water weight at lightening speeds. I have already tinkled 11 times this morning and we’re at the midpoint. It’s going to be a busy day!


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