I’m Working on a Plan

I’m not quite ready to begin my journey into veganism. I’ve been reading some different books and articles lately and I feel that it will be a healthy lifestyle, but I’m just not ready to give up my sushi. In fact, I’m pretty sure that after the 30 days, I will once again eat sushi, but I will probably attempt to avoid all other animal products.

Although I wish to lose weight, I am not looking at this as the way to lose weight. I really would like to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I don’t want anymore trans fats, processed foods, or refined carbohydrates. I’m sick and tired of feeling like a pig eating sweets, when the happiness from those items is only temporary.

There will be a lot of obstacles on this journey. I have a Romanian boyfriend who is in LOVE with meat, all kinds of meat. Seriously, we eat cows stomachs (tripe), and he eats pig’s ears and the like. So whether or not I eat meat, I’ll still be around it all the time, and that will be tempting (other than the pig ears). I am also going to be traveling to San Diego in a few weeks and I want to dine at my favorite sushi restaurant, so I’m considering easing into the veganism, but still partaking in sushi for that trip. I just couldn’t give up my sushi…I can switch to brown rice, but I can’t say no to my raw fish!

There will also be a lot of help on this journey. I have a friend who is trying to cut out processed foods and we will help each other with some tips and tricks for finding the good stuff. I also have a friend who read the same book as I did and propelled herself into a healthier lifestyle, so I will use her for support as well. Finally, I started an organic vegetable garden. I’m not sure how it will turn out, but if it goes well, I will have a wonderful, fresh bounty to enjoy in my new lifestyle.

When I do begin, I will post how I’m feeling, how the food is affecting me, etc. I’m sure I’ll have a bad attitude the first few days, but in the end, I will be a lot happier and healthier.


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