100 Things About Me

I copied PhotoMommy’s idea here. Not sure how I felt about it, but looked at it as a “journey”.

100 Things About Kateypooh

1. I despise my last name
2. I don’t like when people call me Katie, but if they called me Katey it wouldn’t matter. It’s only a spelling difference, but it counts for me as an adult.
3. I have what I consider to be, the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen (conceited much)
4. I have had braces twice and my front tooth still wants to be crooked
5. I wish I was married
6. I wish I had children
7. I want to go to my high school reunion but haven’t heard anything about it
8. I’m very proud of participating in the McGuire’s Running club in Pensacola, FL
9. I don’t have as many friends as I wish I did, though I love the friends I have
10. I always wished I was more popular in school
11. I feel guilty about my behavior as a small child. As if the 27 year old I currently am has any control over that.
12. I love that Lindsay named me the guardian of her son.
13. That is the most honored I have ever been.
14. I don’t like when there is nudity in movies. At all.
15. I stopped being a vegetarian because I’d realized I’d eaten Baked Lays BBQ chips and they have chicken fat in them.
16. I’m not as good at avoiding trans fat as I’d like to be.
17. I’m really sick of moving
18. I’d like a place to call home
19. Sometimes I wonder if I am the root of all my problems
20. I am better at repairing a relationship then just enjoying the fun of it
21. I’m afraid I’m too much like my dad
22. I’m even more afraid that I’m too much like my mom
23. I still wish my Dad hadn’t gotten remarried so quickly after my mom died
24. I’m glad he’s happy, but it was still hurtful
25. I wish I made more money
26. Actually, I make “good money” on paper, I wish I knew where all that money went
27. I am a terrible bowler though I’m part of a bowling league. I’m the worst in the league
28. I really want a dog
29. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t have cats because no one clals people the “crazy dog lady”
30. I talk too much
31. I’m very insecure about myself
32. I’m not sure why people like me
33. I feel insecure at work
34. I don’t dress as well at work as I probably should
35. I did terribly on my SATs
36. I still got into Purdue
37. I wouldn’t have been able to get into Purdue now if my score was the same
38. I really miss living with Mircea
39. I really wish he was “the one” for me
40. I’m not so sure that he is
41. I never buy shoes that I end up liking
42. I’m afraid of wearing makeup
43. I think it’s because my mom caked on make-up when she was “high” on her medication
44. I still feel guilty about my mom’s drug problem
45. My mom tried to commit suicide when I was a kid
46. I was very embarrassed of my family when I was young
47. My dad still often embarrasses me because he can be socially inept
48. I really love my dad and I miss him like crazy
49. As an adult, I realize how foolish I’ve been in the past several years
50. I regret not marrying Marc
51. But know that it was the best thing that ever happened to both of us
52. I’m jealous of Marc’s new girlfriend because he seems to love her more than he EVER loved me
53. I wish that I had found the greatest happiness ever after he and I ended our relationship
54. I really thought I had with Mircea
55. My back tooth really hurts
56. I’m sick of dental work
57. I don’t know why my blonde hair gets darker brown every year
58. I like to get my eye brows waxed
59. I’ve never worn eye liner
60. I think lipstick looks so stupid on me
61. I don’t want girl children. I want boys
62. I’ll pretty much take any children at this point.
63. I often consider leaving my job
64. and going back to school to be a Vetenarian
65. Not sure I could hack it though. I’m probably not good at surgery
66. I wish I was smarter than I am
67. I wish I was prettier than I am
68. I don’t know why my weight has become such a problem as I’ve grown older
69. Maybe it’s karma for not understanding the weight problems of others
70. I have a girl friend that I think has the same face a Chris Farley
71. I’m never going to tell her that
72. I wish I had better table manners
73. I thought I was decent at skiing
74. I was wrong
75. I hate that I pick fights with those I love because I’m afraid of being loved
76. Its hard for me to give Mircea “his space”
77. It’s hard for me to trust people because I don’t think I’m good enough for them
78. I have three cats: Fern, Lily and Yukon
79. I don’t like Lily all that much
80. I think I might like Yukon better than Fern
81. I fear that I’ll be single forever
82. I really want to have babies
83. If I could afford it, I’d get braces for the 3rd time
84. I really want to get a tattoo of a horse shoe but I won’t get it
85. People say I make funny faces-that makes me sad because I don’t mean to.
86. I am terrible at math
87. I cheated on a math test in grad school. It was supposed to be closed book but I used my book. Still didn’t do very well, but I feel really guilty
88. I think my grad degree is a sham. Maybe because of #87
89. I think I am good at cooking
90. I think that people don’t really like me and can’t take me seriously
91. I’m terrible at baking
92. I think it’s because I don’t follow directions well
93. My favorite color is gray
94. I wish I was wealthy
95. I want to fall in love and have someone love me “best”
96. I miss Marc’s sister Carly. She was the closest thing I ever had to a sister and I really miss her
97. I don’t miss Marc’s mom. Not one bit
98. I’m afraid that I’ll die alone.
99. I am not going to vote this year
100. I’m not sure how I feel about these 100 facts about me. I’d rather answer questions then try to come up with stuff on my own.


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