Quick Blips

  • I am not changing the name of my blog, at least not now. I may not live in Lusby at this moment, but darnit, I’m not changing it again. Not yet.
  • Not having tv or internet at the cottage is interesting. I really want to watch “Moment of Truth” on Wednesday, but might ask Mircea to Tivo it (since I left the Tivo there b/c it does me no good) I’m actually getting a lot of homework done, plus I have time to journal and read some books.
  • I went to see my counselor yesterday and it was a really good experience. I’m going to see her every week for a month to sort of kick start some changes in me, but all in all, I feel pretty good. I’ve changed a lot in the past several months and having this break from Mircea is helping me to focus on some of the stuff I’ve let go by the wayside. Getting a lot of that stuff together will help some relationship issues on my side fall in to place and we’ll just see how he reacts.
  • I find that living alone is the key to my dieting. I’m not even slightly interested in snacks or anything (or maybe its that I don’t have tv) and I’m losing weight fairly steadily. I’m also a “Thursday gym rat” as it’s my only day that I can afford some gym time.
  • Watching my 1st Season dvd of the King of Queens. That show is so funny and I love Kevin James.

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