I’m So Bleepin’ Sick of Moving

Lindsay came down on Friday to act as a catlyst for getting my stuff out of Mircea’s house (I hate calling it that because it was OUR home, not just his and it hurts so bad to be leaving.) and we got a lot of the little stuff over to the cottage. On Saturday and Sunday, Mircea and I worked on getting the bigger stuff over there, so I’m all moved in, sans the treadmill, which will make its 3rd move since Ben gave it to me. Ridiculous! This moving in/out, rinse/repeat is getting really old and I just want a place to call my home, that doesn’t seem like it will be ripped out from under me at any second.

I am going to refrain from talking about my relationship with Mircea too much because I know that no one really wants to hear about it. Love is great when it is good, and sucks butt when it isn’t. Mircea and I have decided to try and continue our relationship from our two different residences, and see if we can work through the issues that we’ve both been bringing to the table in the past several months. We’re just spinning in circles and maybe this will offer some relief. I will also continue working with my counselor-not on relationship matters, but on my low-self esteem and insecurities, which are usually the basis for the problems that I bring into a relationship. So we’ll see what happens. In a perfect world, we work through our problems and return to the bliss we used to experience together. The worst case scenario is that we move on from each other and find what we are looking for in a mate-I guess that isn’t so bad an option either, but I prefer the former.

Thank you for all being so supportive as I blunder through life, making the same mistakes I’ve always made and trying so hard not to make them again, though I keep falling into those old, easy habits of insecurity, instead of trusting that man I love and whom loves me.


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