File Under: Hopefully She Didn’t Think I Was Eyeing Her Chest…

I checked out at WaWa for coffee a couple of days ago and found myself staring at the name tag of the young lady that was ringing me up. This is what I saw:


I kept saying it in my head. Naughty-eh, Naw-taya, and then it came to me. This was how this person’s mother/father spelled Nadia. WTF? That wins the award for worst possible way to spell a name, as awarded by Kateypooh. This is as close to Orangejello & Lemonjello as I’m ever going to see in person. (Shout out to Carly & Marc)

What Kind of World Is This?  It's Kind of Crap

My precious Colts are not exempt from these crazy names either. This guy’s name is Craphonso. That’s right. His name is Crap, because we all know that no one gets to the “honso”. Poor guy!


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