Guitar Hero III for Wii

My Christmas gift from Mircea was Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Let me tell you-I love this bad boy. First of all, I like rock music, so I’m playing a video game that is blasting rock music into the room, which is pretty good. I’ve posted a screen shot of the game, but basically you have a plastic guitar and you play along with the music. Duh. You have to push the buttons and strum this little plastic bar at the same time, and it appears that anyone over 40 is incapable of doing this simultaneously. On Christmas day, we brought this to our friends’ house to play (in between eating and drinking) and had a blast. The high schooler and his girlfriend (Nick and Diana-awesome kids) rocked out on this, and Mircea and I were pretty decent. Mircea’s best friend Tony and his Dad (my boss) were TERRIBLE at it, and we all cracked up as the guitar made “oops” sounds as they missed notes.

I realize I seem like a total nerd talking about this video game, but it was really a blast and we had a great time bonding over it. There is music from several different generations, so everyone can really have fun with it. After talking to my friend Sean about it, he told me about this game called Rock Band, but they do not currently have that available for the Wii. Apparently this game has a lead guitar, bass, vocalist, and drummer and you all work together to perform your song. This is great! Band nerds unite! (yeah Marc, that’s you) What’s sad it, they don’t have a trombone option on any of these games because I could kill at that.

The only problem I have with Guitar Hero is that my hand cramps up. Apparently I squeeze the hell out of the guitar (and any game controller) until it is covered with sweat and my hand is in the shape of a claw. I recommend this game to anyone who has a system you can play it on, but warn you that it can be expensive, especially for Nintendo, because they never seem to make enough of anything for the Wii.


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