Goodbye Sweet Baby

bye bye squeaky girl

You’ve only been gone from us for a few hours, but your Daddy and I miss you very much. I smelled your smell on the comforter last night and couldn’t stop crying, and that got Daddy crying too. We miss your little tuxedoed body, always overdressed for every occasion: except last night. You were ready to go, you had suffered long enough, and Daddy and I had no choice but to help you go peacefully into the night. The nice people at the Vet said we had done all that we could and that you had lived a long, happy life of 18. Although you weren’t in our lives at the time, Daddy and I were only 7 and 9 at the time of your birth. You outlived any childhood pet I ever had, and know that they will befriend you up in Heaven. Pete (your first daddy) will take care of you too, and you can watch out for him and let him know that we miss him too.

I keep thinking of all the funny things you’ve done over this past year that you’ve been in my life. The way you make this funny little Yoshi sound when you’re eating. The way you refuse to have all four paws on the ground at the same time. The first time you had the yummy food I bought for Fern and Lily, and you just sort of purred and growled with pleasure as you wolfed it up.

We miss you little sweetie. It wasn’t the same this morning without having you at our heels and giving you a kiss on the forehead before we left for work. We’ll bury you today in the front flower bed. In the spring there will be hundreds of tulips that will come up around you and remind us of your graceful beauty.

I know you are “just a cat”, but you were our baby and we will always love you and think of you with your little angel’s wings.


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