What a Terrible Morning

This morning I came to work to find that the young receptionist at our office lost her newborn baby. Her and her husband had the baby two weeks ago, and he’d been in the hospital ever since. He had an underdevloped lung, a hole in his heart, and they also found that he had clubbed feet (totally fixable). What’s amazing to me is that no one discovered this is the ultrasounds that she had before the baby was born.

I can’t imagine what her and her husband are going through. They are both 22, high school sweethearts, and this was their first child, a son, named after her husband and his father. I know that these next few days and weeks will be hard for her, but sadly, I also know that she will always remember this for the rest of her life and that problems that I have are NOTHING compared to what her and her family are going through.


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