Sometimes I wonder if things in my life are going to be okay. I wonder if I will be successful in my career. I wonder if I will be in a loving relationship with a family. I wonder all of these things, and I try to control them and align the stars so these things will happen. I am having a lot of trouble living “day to day” and it is greatly affecting my relationship with Mircea. He is so laid back and comfortable in his own skin, and I am constantly second guessing myself and his feelings for me (and my own self-worth). I just don’t know if it’s worth holding onto anymore. I would love to continue a relationship with him, but I’m also scared that if we are holding onto emotional wounds of the past several months, that there really isn’t a point. I know life isn’t all roses, but can one ever recover from emotional wounds that they have inflicted on each other? Can you get through these rough patches when people are stressed and pushing each other away? I just don’t know. I need to stop worrying and just live my life. Easier said then done.


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