Cooking with Good Tools

I just have to take a moment to discuss my new cookware. I bought it several weeks ago, and have only been able to use it twice (as our kitchen is being remodeled, so I’ve only cooked at the cottage with them), but they really are wonderful. After much debate, a cost-benefit analysis, and asking everyone I knew, I decided to purchase the Calphalon One, Hard-anodized cook set. It is non-stick, you can use any utensil in it that you want, but it is not dishwasher safe…but it’s so big I’m not sure it would fit into the dishwasher. I decided that I needed to have the right tools for all the cooking that I want to do and I saw a good deal and had to take it. I can’t wait for the kitchen to be done so I can make some more delicious meals.

I’m wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging some recipes with me. I’d like to try new things and pull together favorites of my friends. I’m even considering making a cookbook based on all the recipes I’ve collected (printed out with Lulu or something), but I’m not sure how feasible that would be. I think it might make a nice gift. Who knows?

I realize this was a strange post. I really don’t have a lot to write right now. I almost need to take a hiatus, but I don’t want to lose all three of my readers! Any thoughts on what I should post about?


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