Quick Update

I’m in Ohio at a training class and haven’t had a whole lot of internet connectivity (which is not good for my final assignment for my DHS class as I can’t do the research for it until I get home). Here are some updates…

  • I got to see my cousin’s son (so I guess he’s my second cousin) John, and he is just the coolest kid in the whole wide world. I wanted to take him home with me!! I definitely want to have him visit some time for a week or so and I’ll show him the joys of Maryland.
  • I ate at Skyline Chili twice, but will make one more trek before I leave. Yummy!
  • I have another cat! My cousin’s cat Yukon (who is a 24 lb monster!) is coming to live with us in good ol’ Maryland. Poor John is allergic to him so Mircea and I talked and the “little” guy will come and stay with us. Unfortunatly, he’s too fat to take on the plane, so I am going to road-trip with Lindsay and will come pick up the fat boy.
  • I’ve been working out in the morning since I got here and it is just great! I have so much more energy all day long and I don’t have time to make excuses that early in the morning. Woo hoo!!

Ok, I need to get back into this class. Hope all is well and I will update more…plus pictures of fatty boy!


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